Mainz – Between Us – April / May 2019

CCL Mainz – Dance, Science and Art

April 28 – May 2, 2019

TL;DR – This CCL happens in an inspiring setting inside of the exhibition “Between Us” (which is based on dance data) and is offering a unique data set and input by outstanding artists. Join here.

Join us for a very special choreographic coding lab that brings together dance, science and contemporary art. For this edition we are set up inside the exhibition “Between Us” that explores how knowledge inherent in dance can be captured, made visible and passed on to other disciplines like contemporary art.

The data: Effect by Taneli Törmä

At each CCL edition we want to offer one specific piece, idea or data set and this time we have something very special. As part of the “Between Us” project the Motion Bank team has captured a unique data set about the dance piece “Effect” by Finnish choreographer Taneli Törmä. The package contains most of the six weeks of the rehearsal process in form of videos with annotations. A final version was then captured as full 60-minute motion capture recording with additional eight HD video perspectives and 4-channel sound. The package is rounded up by interviews and insights collected from the choreographer, dancers, artists and other participants of the project.

Easy access

To make studying and exploring the movement data and related annotations easier we've created a dedicated data player. It contains the data and will allow you to play back and stream it on your own computer using the OSC and WebSocket protocols for easy access through a language and framework of your choice.

As part of the setting we will also bring our mobile and markerless motion capture system (the one used to record Effect) for the CCL participants to explore and even record their own data sets with.

Artistic input, feedback and discussions

Since the CCL is set up in the middle of the exhibition „Between Us“ at Kunsthalle Mainz this context will already offer a lot to think about and draw from. The artists (Tim Etchells, Sissel Tolaas, Tamara Grčić and others) used our data collected from Effect as basis for new works that are at display. As special input into the CCL we also invited two artists to create new digital works. Mária Júdová and Marc Downie (who forms Open Ended Group together with Paul Kaiser) have been exploring body, movement and space in the context of their works. Both have been working with the Effect data to create new VR pieces that they will set up and talk about throughout the week.

But there is more. We are starting the CCL on Sunday the April 28th with a visit to Staatstheater Mainz to see Twist by Victor Quijada. It has the five dancers of Effect in it's cast and this might be a good chance to get to know them. Throughout the week the Motion Bank team will also be offering insights into our working methods and tools. Then finally we are rounding off the lab on May 2nd by opening up to the public to come and see how and what we've been working on.


Since it's first incarnation in 2013 the CCL format has been an offer to people interested in spending time on exploring movement, dance and choreographic thinking through technological means. It is not a workshop and we are not teaching any technology, but we are offering time and space to dive into the theme of the CCL. We are very carefully curating the participants list to form a diverse, mindful and creative group. We are asking no fee from the participants but instead want you to invest a week of your time to hack on dance and exchange with the rest of the group.

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Save the date: CCL Amsterdam, 26–30 May, Dansmakers

Following up shortly after CCL Mainz, this second CCL organised by Fiber Festival again encourages participants to bring their own ideas, tools and sketches. For this CCL edition, they will pay extra attention to two areas of interest that can be explored under the guidance of our lab leaders and visiting guest artists.

Reimaging Dance Data in Space – with guest artist Mária Júdová will support experiments at the intersection of immersive spaces (also VR)
Dancing with Machines – Experiments with Machine Learning in the context of Dance, Choreography and Movement

The call is about to go out, so save the dates.

Das CCL Mainz und Between Us wird von der Kulturstiftung des Bundes gefördert.

Sunday, April 28, 2019 to Thursday, May 2, 2019
Supported by: 
Kulturstiftung des Bundes