CCL Amsterdam by FIBER: May 2019

CCL Amsterdam by FIBER, ICK Amsterdam & Dansmakers

May 26 – May 30, 2019

The second edition of the Choreographic Coding Lab (CCL) will take place at Dansmakers in Amsterdam from 26 to 30 May, and bring together an international group of code-savvy artists, creative coders, digital scenographers, code-minded musicians, interaction designers and the world of dance and choreography. Organised by FIBER , Motion Bank, and ICK Amsterdam, with the support of Dansmakers, the CCLab will provide a research environment at the intersection of dance, choreography, digital tools, data and code. Accompanying the lab, there will be a makers meetup and a keynote lecture that is open to the public.

Research Possibilities

The lab is open for any experimentation and we encourage participants to bring their own ideas, tools and sketches. For this CCL edition, we will pay extra attention to two areas of interest that can be explored under the guidance of our lab leaders and visiting guest artists. These are suggested areas of interest and do not exclude other fields of interest.

Reimaging Dance Data in Space
Guest artist Mária Júdová will support experiments at the intersection of immersive spaces (also VR), generative visuals and spatial projections in relation to dance and the body. Motion Bank’s Anton Koch will give an introduction to some parts of the new Motion Bank annotation platform – Piecemaker – with state-of-the-art annotation tools developed specifically for dance. This will be done by using a dataset along with the introduction to their tools and formats. With these inputs as starting points, you can start reimaging new artistic outputs in hands-on work sessions or discussions. Two possible angles for approaching this are: data visualisation or translation with the use of creative coding, or statistical exploration with machine learning.

Dancing with Machines – Experiments with Machine Learning in the context of Dance, Choreography and Movement.
AI systems are able to learn about human movement and reproduce it at a staggering rate. With such rapid advancements in the artistic application of machine learning, we invite participants to experiment, reflect, and speculate on the use of machine learning technologies in the context of dance, choreography and movement. The lab invites coders and artistic researchers who would like to experiment with the possible application of their ML work, discuss the ethical issues, and engage critically with the development of these technologies.

Lab Team

Mária Júdová - Guest Artist & Lab Facilitator
Danae Kleida (FIBER/Motion Bank) - Lab Facilitator & Curator
Anton Koch (Motion Bank) - Lab Facilitator
Suzan Tunca (ICK Amsterdam) - Choreographic Input
Jarl Schulp (FIBER) - Curator & Lab Facilitator

Mária Judova is an independent artist whose work combines the exploration of technologically informed dance practices, body movement, time and space. Her work has been presented at LABoral, Berlin Atonal, Cinedans and many more festivals.
Danae Kleida is a researcher, lab facilitator, and media scholar who is active in the field of dance, choreography and annotation practices. She recently published her thesis on dance notation systems and annotation practices as gestures. She is also a member of the FIBER and Motion Bank teams.
Anton Koch is the lead developer of Motion Bank.
Suzan Tunca is responsible for the dance research activities at ICK Amsterdam, with extensive experience while working as dance researcher and performing artist.
Jarl Schulp is a curator, designer and the artistic director of FIBER


Thanks to the collaboration with the international dance platform ICK Amsterdam, the CCL will be enriched by input from selected choreographers who share their practice and pose questions from the perspective of the contemporary dance field. And thanks to the collaboration with ICK Amsterdam we can already announce some contributors: The choreographer Matej Kejzar will participate in the lab and address language as a set of generic tools which shape the perception of dance. Amos Ben-Tal will visit the lab with a new duet that he is working on with long-time collaborators Milena Twiehaus and Genevieve Osborne. This new duet will form one section of the eventual full-evening work. Amos' choreographic language involves both precise and articulated movement material as well as moments of freedom and intuition for the dancers. This approach is further explored in his unique training method, a tool he will also discuss and share with lab participants.

The CCL will result in an open lab session on its last day. Experts and the interested public will be invited to look behind the scenes, test prototypes and ask questions.


The CCL AMS 2019 is organized by FIBER, ICK Amsterdam and Motion Bank, with the support of Dansmakers. It is supported by the Amsterdam Fund of the Arts and the Performing Arts Fund NL


Since it's first incarnation in 2013 the CCL format has been an offer to people interested in spending time on exploring movement, dance and choreographic thinking through technological means. It is not a workshop and we are not teaching any technology, but we are offering time and space to dive into the theme of the CCL. We are very carefully curating the participants' list to form a diverse, mindful and creative group. We are asking no fee from the participants but instead want you to invest a week of your time to hack on dance and exchange with the rest of the group.

Application form is now closed.
Sunday, May 26, 2019 to Thursday, May 30, 2019